Lake Macquarie Tennis Centre has an extensive range of programs that are catered to all ages and standards.

Junior Hot Shots coaching:

LMTC's Hot Shots programs are catered for children from 3-12 years of age. We operate all of our junior coaching through a "learning through play" philosophy. We make adjustments to all of our programs depending on the stage (age and standard) such as modified low compression tennis balls, racquet sizes and court sizes. By making these changes, it makes it easier for children to play, progress and learn fundamental skills. 

Squad and Elite Training:

Our squad and elite trainng programs are catered for the intermediate - advanced junior tennis players. These sessions are planned focusing around advanced strike techniques, placement on court, footwork drills and physical conditioning. We provide our squad and elite training students with appropriate training to be able to compete in competitions and tournaments. 

Private Coaching: 

Private coaching is available to children and adults for 1-1 attention with a Tennis Australia Qualified Club Professional Coach . Benefits to private coaching:

  • full attention is yours  - not having shared time with other students
  • tailored individual training - work on specific areas
  • time availability - more times available due to it not being a set class time
  • flexibility - can bring a friend and make it a semi-private if group classes are not for you

Adult Coaching:

LMTC provides adult coaching for all ages and standards. Adult coaching is a great way to receive tennis coaching while socialising with other adults and having a good work out.

Thursday Intermediate Adult Coaching: 6-7:30pm

Wednesday Advanced Adult Coaching: 6-7:30pm

Tuesday Social Ladies Adult Coaching Experienced Players: 9.30-11:30am


Entering:  Please contact us on 4954 9877 or email us on




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