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Book your court

Note: You are only hiring the court/s. The Club does not hire racquets or balls.

Only courts 9-16 are floodlit. 

Visitors - Day $15.00 Per hr/court   Night $20.00 Per hr/court

Members - Day Free Per hr/court    Night $5.00 Per hr/court

Please make sure you book minimum 30min prior playing time to allow systems to sync and gate code/lights to work.

Courts Cannot be hired for PRIVATE COACHING by anyone other than our Club's contracted Coach- even if payment is not involved. Coaching is described as using a container of balls and specialised equipment.

Parents may hit/train with their OWN  children ONLY but without  coaching equipment.

For your Safety Do Not walk behind their court while play is in progress Especially if it is competition tennis ( a scoreboard is usually in use). Wait till the point has ended or change of ends. 

For Help with Court Booking  please contact Jocelyn McLennan on 0417 969 463 ( text only please during office hours). Please note a response may not be immediate.