Second Step restrictions

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  • Only groups of 10 people with 10m between groups (excluding coaches)
  • Clubhouse remains closed
  • Downstairs toilets accessible (emergencies only)
  • COVIDSafe app encouraged
  • Wash hands, sanitise and wear mask to and from courts
  • No sharing of equipment (except balls)
  • Court bookings essential

To facilitate the 10-person restriction, and in light of the BCC email 30.10.20 (attached)

  • Court 3 is closed
  • Court 4 is SINGLES ONLY
  • Courts 5 & 6 doubles allowed - if playing singles, do not book these courts unless crt 4 already booked

Some additional requirements and restrictions also apply. See below.

Court Bookings:

  • Must make booking and list all players  
  • Bookings have been set for:
  1. 2-hour max
  2. 1 per day per member
  3. No repeat bookings available