Opening update 29/10

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Dear Clubs,

Victoria is expected to reach 80% double vaccinated on Friday 29th October. New Open Premises Directions have been released (replacing the Restricted Activity Directions). Below is a summary of the current restrictions and what is expected to change from 6pm Friday 29th October.

Current restrictions until 6pm Friday 29th October:

Community Sport:

  • Outdoor only
  • Numbers restricted to the minimum number required to play/train
  • No competition
  • No restrictions on vaccination status. Patrons participating or facilitating community sport (e.g. players, coaches, volunteers) do not need to be fully vaccinated to access the facility.
  • Patrons 16 years and older attending outdoor physical recreation and sporting facilities for purposes other than community sport must be fully vaccinated (or have an exception) to access the facility, if the facility is open for fully vaccinated people (including workers). This is in recognition that mixed aged groups participate in community sport, and teams with players unable to be vaccinated should not be at a disadvantage if they aren’t old enough to be fully vaccinated.
  • No indoor access except toilets where strictly necessary
  • Spectators are not allowed, except to supervise children (one adult per child or sibling group only)
  • Face masks must be worn, except when doing strenuous exercise or another lawful exception applies.

Physical Recreation:

  • Outdoor only
  • Venue cap of the lesser of 1 per 4sqm or 50
  • No competition
  • Fully vaccinated (or have a medical exemption) only
  • Under 16s are currently exempt from the requirement to show evidence of vaccination
  • Any shared equipment must be cleaned between uses
  • No indoor access except toilets where strictly necessary
  • Face masks must be worn, except when doing strenuous exercise or another lawful exception applies.

Community sport is currently defined on the Coronavirus website as organised competitive sports with membership. We are currently seeking clarification on the distinction between community sport and physical recreation as it applies to sports clubs. For example it is our understanding currently that having a social hit of tennis is physical recreation whereas training/competition is community sport.

Changes from 6pm Friday 29th October:

  • Physical recreation for fully vaccinated only, indoors DQ4, outdoors DQ2 and 500 cap
  • Community sport permitted indoors and outdoors, regardless of vaccination status, with minimum number required, for spectators public gathering limits apply
  • Clubrooms open to fully vaccinated with DQ4
  • Canteens, kitchens and bars can open under the hospitality guidelines
  • Face masks not required outdoors but recommended where physical distancing is difficult. Still required indoors except when engaged in strenuous exercise

We are still waiting for clarification from DHHS on the following:

  • Distinction between community sport and physical recreation
  • Are COVID check in marshals required?
  • Can clubs choose to operate under the physical recreation category (vaccinated only)?

We will keep clubs informed as soon as we have updates on the above and will send the updated COVID-19 Safe Guide and FAQs next week.

A reminder to please continue to update your COVID-19 Safe Plans and complete and return the Return to Play Checklist if you haven’t already.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we move through this transition back to normal operations.

Kind regards,

Sport and Recreation Team  
8 Inglesby Rd, Camberwell, 3124
(03) 9278 4797