Status   Total  
Adult   $160  
Student (full time enrolled)   $75  
Junior (under 18 on 1st June   $50  
Family (2 adults and any junior or student children)   $320  
Non- Playing    $25  


Half the subscription section of the fees will be accepted for membership forwarded between 1st January and 1st April period of the year, giving membership for the balance of that financial year. Payment of full fees after 1st April will be for the remainder of that year and the full term of the next membership year.

Application Forms for Membership are available here and at the Clubhouse (or send us an email) and require a Nominator & a Seconder. New Members are accepted at the General Committee meetings USUALLY held every Month.

Prior to Membership visitors are welcome to join Club Members for social tennis. Visitor fees are $5 per session (3 visit limit).