Floreat Park Tennis Club AGM

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We wish to advise that the Annual General Meeting for the Floreat Park Tennis Club will be held on Saturday, 7 October 2023 at 3 pm at the FPTC Clubhouse.

The start time for Saturday social sets will remain at 2 pm but the sets time will be shortened to accommodate the 3 pm start time for the AGM.

Copies of the Minutes from the previous AGM will be circulated in the meeting for members to view. 

The End of Year Financial Statements (unaudited) for 2022/2023 will also be available for members to view between 1.30 - 2 PM.

The meeting agenda will be as follows:

1. Open meeting and welcome
2. Apologies
3. Confirmation of delegates/voting rights
4. Confirmation of minutes from previous Annual General Meeting
5. President's address / presentation of Annual Report
6. Presentation of End of Year Financial Statement
7. Approval of Annual Report
8. Acknowledgement to outgoing committee members
9. Election of New Executive Committee and appointment of auditor
10. Other business

Any members interested in nominating for a Committee position should please contact: for further information.

All club members are encouraged to attend the AGM as this provides a great opportunity to hear how your club has performed over the past year, as well as to address any questions you may have. 

The FPTC Committee looks forward to your attendance and participation on Saturday, 7 October, for a successful and informative AGM.