Junior Coaching Program

Discover excellence in tennis coaching at Floreat Park Tennis Club.  Our dedicated team of professional coaches are committed to providing personalised instruction tailored to your individual goals and skill level.  Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an advanced player striving for competitive success, our coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.  With a focus on technique, strategy, and overall improvement, our coaching service promises to elevate your game and enhance your tennis journey. Join us today and experience the difference first hand.

Group lessons

Please be aware that Floreat Park Tennis Club reserves the right to revise the duration and availability of classes containing bookings of three players or less. The Club will give 24 hours' notice of such changes.

Weather Rules

A decision will be made by the senior coach one hour prior to the start of the lesson. If the courts are deemed to be unplayable or if the temperature gauge at the club is 36 degrees or above, the lesson will be cancelled.

If you are unsure about the weather and if the lesson will go ahead please text FPTC on 0467 764 841. Please do not assume that the lesson is cancelled as this may count the lesson as a "No Show".


Lessons will not be charged for the follow situations:

1. Illness / unforeseen circumstance and the Club/coach receives at two hours’ notice via text or email.

2. Unable to make the lesson for a foreseeable reason (e.g. long-standing school commitments) and the Club received at least 24 hour’s notice via text or email.

3. Weather Conditions (rain, extreme heat, lightning storms etc.) when less than 50% of the lesson is completed, the remaining percentage of the lesson will count as credit. 

Public Holidays and Student Free Days

Lessons remain scheduled during Public Holidays and Student Free Days unless cancelled with prior notice (please note cancellations' policy).