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April 2024 
Clubhouse update and other news from our committee
Summer 2023-24 Junior & Senior Competition Results

March 2024
Junior & Senior Summer Competition grand finals 16 & 17 March, Cardio & Cocktails night, Oceania ITF Tournament & Clubhouse update.

February 2024
Junior & Senior Winter Competition registrations now open, Cardio & Cocktail social night, tournament results, blind & low vision match play & more

December 2023
Spring competition results, parent & child tournament results, social tennis night, junior tournament, blind & low vision night & more

November 2023
Parent & Child tournament, Sunday Social Xmas Party, Blind & Low Vision coaching, Office assistant, night competition Autumn 2024, Vale Stuart Cox & more

October 2023
Club Championship results, Congratulations Sam Byass, Parent & Child tournament, Sunday Social Xmas Party, Social Night Tennis, Sunday Pennant EOI, Farewell Jordan Duckett & more

4 October 2023
Notice of Annual General Meeting & Agenda Sunday 29 October 5.00pm

13 September 2023 Committee nomination form for AGM
EMTC Board of Directors 2023-24: Call for Nominations

September 2023
Winter competition results, Future Leader, Gill Quillinan Memorial Charity event & more

August 2023
Junior & Senior Summer Competition registrations now open, Club Championships registrations, new windbreaks & more.

July 2023
Social tennis night, new lines, club champs entry, strategic plan, membership renewals & more.

June 2023
Autumn night competition results, Blind & Low Vision event, new lines for courts 3 & 4 & lots more.

Clubhouse Redevelopment Update 23 May 2023
Dear EMTC members,

I wanted to update you on the progress with the upgrade of our facility. We are working with Council to ensure we achieve the best outcome for members in the shortest timeframe. This project started as an idea about 10 years ago. We have worked really hard to raise the profile of the Club with Council, and make our case for improvements, right across the facility. We have come to the conclusion that the new facility will not include a pool. This is a source of disappointment, but in the end it was simply impractical. There are three reasons:

  1. The additional costs of building a Clubhouse that incorporated a pool would represent a significant part of the overall cost as compared to a facility without. This would mean less of what is needed for tennis.
  2. The ongoing costs of running a pool with pool supervision, extensive water testing and ongoing accreditation, would dramatically increase on a monthly basis. This would result in us having to significantly increase membership fees.
  3. Testing and design requirements would create significant time delays and put the project under the threat of being pushed into the future, indefinitely.

Since COVID, all Councils have struggled with dramatically increasing costs for all projects. They also received significantly less revenue over that time. East Malvern Tennis Club is competing with many worthy projects, Some projects will be shelved and we need to be proactively encouraging Council to view ours favourably.

The good news is that there is some money in the budget to start the project. We will need to give feedback and talk to our local Councillors now and in the future. We are confident that EMTC will achieve a great outcome with new fencing, lighting and a new facility. In place of the pool we will have additional Courts for the emerging Pickle ball. We will send more information about this as we get closer.

We will be holding feedback sessions for members, where you can discuss with Council and the Committee, your needs for the future.

In the short term, I need all members and users of the Club to go online and give Council feedback, before Tuesday 30th May. You don’t have to belong to Stonnington:

2023-24 'Have your say’

I would also encourage you to read the following links for the Stonnington Budget:

2022-23 Budget

2023-24 Draft Budget 

There is a huge difference between 2022-23 and 2023-24 in the tennis arena!
If you open it in PDF on your computer you should be able use the search function using the word tennis. It will then take you to all the pages with tennis included (some not relevant to us).

For 2023-24 Draft Budget the info is only on Page 1-2, 6-7 + 98-99 (page numbers are different to actual pages due to front page).
For 2022-23 there is far more and it was specific to EMTC.

Please contact your local Councillor and remind them that we have been around for over 130 years and cost them almost nothing. We believe our time is overdue and we want their support.


Ralph Muir-Morris
East Malvern Tennis Club

May 2023
Tennis Victoria State League Champs results, Social Tennis Night, Courts available Sunday AM, Blind/Low Vision pilot night & more

April 2023
Summer Competition results, Social Tennis Night, Roland Garros & Wimbledon ticket ballot, Super 10s, Holiday Programs and more.

March 2023
Oceania ITF Tournament, Futures special offers for club members & more

JUNIOR & SENIOR 2023 weekend winter competition nominations now open
Register HERE for JUNIOR competition 
Register HERE for SENIOR competition 

January 2023
Parent & Child Tournament results, more competition results , competition dates plus Christmas party photos

December 2022
Sunday & Night Social Christmas drinks & Pizza, Parent & Child Tournament, Competition results, Club Development update & more

November 2022
Parent/Child tournament Christmas drinks & pizza, Sunday Social Christmas drinks & pizza, Night Social Tennis Christmas drinks, Life Membership Tony Lane, Congratulations Carla Lenarduzzi & more

October 2022
Junior & Senior Club Championships results, Social Tennis Night, Winter Competition results, 10% discount for members at Pro Shop plus our new umbrella