Member Profiles

Earlville Tennis Club is proud of our members and will be showcasing a member regularly.

May 2017 Member Profile is on one of our newest and most enthusiastic members.

Name: Rigo Van Meer
Aged: 70 years old

I hit some balls on tennis courts 40 years ago but never played a set. Nor did I get ever look into getting any coaching. I started to become active in fitness recently and when I discovered Earlville Tennis Club just around the corner from where I live I decided to join.

I am working with Ryan now to learn the ground strokes and serve. He is a wonderful coach, I am very happy with him. My wife, Jannemieke, also became a member and works with Ryan.

My goal is to become a good enough player to participate in social tennis.


Ryan Coffey has this to say about Rigo:

You’ll never meet a more positive person then Rigo, he has improved every week refusing to take any shortcuts in his game.

He is definitely the type of person we need in the club creating great atmosphere every time he gets to the courts. He is a pleasure to work with and definitely doing life the right way.

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