At the moment our membership is full, as we have reached our upper-limit of CGTCers. We are operating a waitlist, so if you're interested in joining that then please complete and submit your Membership Application Form. At this stage we do not know how long it will take, but we will keep you updated as things change over the coming months


An application form can be downloaded here.


2019_01 CGTC Membership Application

Once the form is complete and signed by 2 members - please email it to the membership email address 

If you do not know any members, please come along to one of the social sessions and meet up with some of our friendly regulars. Each session is an opportunity to play some tennis and see how the club runs. 


Membership FAQs

CGTC Membership FAQs

For all other membership inquiries email:


View membership packages below


Category Joining Fee Annual Fee  
Junior (to 18 yrs) NIL $80  
Adult $100 $180  
Family $150 $350