Membership at CGTC

Carlton Gardens Tennis Club welcomes people from the community to join the club and enjoy the benefits of membership.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive and welcoming approach to our tennis community. That's why we do have a membership application process which requires you getting to know us, and us getting to know you. This is incredibly important so that as a prospective member you know what to expect, and also get a feel for what our club is about.

Membership Application Process

How to apply -  you can find our membership application form and process on our website 

- Once the form is complete and signed by 2 members - please email it to the membership email address 

How will I know if my membership is accepted - You'll receive an email from the Membership Secretary on next steps. If successful (and most are), you'll be sent details on how to make payment.

Membership Renewal - options to renew your membership should appear below :)

Anything else If you have any queries re membership please email: