Issue 30: March 2022

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Bright Tennis News

AUTUMN - 2022

BTC had one of our most successful clean up working bees following the news that Dylan Alcott was due to visit (now delayed till hopefully June due to Australian of the year commitments). With 18 people turning up to help clean up many people made work light. Many thanks to Michelle Yarwood, Mick Crocker, Adrian Ciolli, David Chlebna, Bruno Souza, Tracy Carey, Drew Carey, Luke Dudley, Jody Vlahandreas, Craig Thompson, Lars Paulson, Klaire Johnston, Heike Fleckenstein, Tamara Costa, Dave Russell, Russell Shem, Kim Robinson, Dene Freeland.



(9th MARCH 2022)

(One point is awarded for each set won and an extra point is awarded for winning on each night)

Club Championships In May

All club members are invited to enter the club championships. Dates are as follows:

Saturday 7 May - Juniors

Saturday 14 May - Seniors Mixed Doubles

Sunday 15 May - Seniors Mens & Ladies Doubles and Seniors Semi Final & Final (lead up Matches can be played beforehand) All competitions are in a round robin format with a 6 game set, tiebreaker at 5 all.

Seniors please note: register by April 7! All players must be current club members!

Upcoming Dates

Senior Club Championships - Entry Closes - Thursday 7th April

Last Week Tuesday/Wednesday Night Comp - Tues/Wed 26th./27th April

Weeknight Finals - Tues/Wed 3rd/4th May

Junior Club Championship Round Robin - Sat 7th May

Senior Club Championship Round Robin - Sat/Sun 14th May / 15th May

Saturday Junior Tennis Final Day - Saturday 28th May


New Club Defibrillator Saves a Life!

Ambulance Victoria reported in late January a 37 year old man had a heart attack whilst riding his bike in the Pioneer oval. Fortunately for him our newly installed defibrillator was easily available and a helicopter was able to land on the oval and air -lift him to hospital in Melbourne. When the signs of heart attack appear, time is of the essence. It was incredible luck for him that our defibulator was so readily available. The following committee members have basic first aid training: Tracy Carey, Jody Vlahandreas, Mick Crocker, David Chlebna, Geoff Hollow. A First Aid Kit is in the clubhouse, near the fridge.


Coaches Rallying Record Smashed!

9yr old Ingrid Barnard has broken Geoff's all-time `rallying with a student record' by holding her focus for an amazing 301 shot rally. To make it more special she did it in front of members of her family including her grandfather who had just arrived from South Africa. Wow, awesome effort Ingrid!

New Shire Sports Plan May Bring Tennis Funds

A new Shire Sport and Recreation Active plan , which includes a plan for Pioneer park has been adopted by the Alpine Shire in early March. Suggestions in the plan include development of additional tennis courts. These plans are still in early stages and the club will continue to work with the Shire as the more detailed plans are developed .


Membership Report (as of 21/02/2022)


Tennis Etiquette on Court


A reminder (especially to some of the younger players) to please respect others while playing tennis on our courts. Here are some examples to keep in mind:

  • Please refrain from hitting a ball hard directly at a much weaker player.
  • Please don't walk onto other peoples courts while the point is in play.
  • Please don't try to distract a player whilst they serve.
  • Please try not to return first serves when they are obviously faults.
  • If a ball rolls behind a player which might become a trip hazard, please call a let to halt play and remove the ball.

Whilst there are many etiquette rules, it is perhaps best to simply remember we are all here to have fun!

January Holiday Social Tennis - A Success!

This years inaugural January Holiday social was a great success with 16 plus people turning up on some nights.

Looking forward to a continuation!


Thank You to Buffalo Pest Control!


The club would like to thank Cameron from Buffalo Pest Control has been looking after our club house free of charge for several years. It's the time of year to consider protecting your house from rodents and other pests. Buffalo Pest Controls number is 03 5756 2255 .


Roger Federer reveals his kids had no idea he was a tennis champion

Some call him the greatest tennis player of all time, a 20-time grand slam champion - however Roger Federer's kids were unaware of who their father was until just recently. While wife Mirka is often seen supporting her husband at matches, his kids have only appeared a handful of times cheering their dad. When they found out through their friends that their dad was the No. 1 tennis player in the world, they were "literally speechless". The Swiss legend said that his kids not only aren't fazed by his success, but they also don't care for tennis in general. - Rachel Fieldhouse


Interesting Player of the Past - Alice Marble

The first woman to serve and volley. She won 18 grand slam titles (never travelled to Australia) and reached No. 1 in 1939. After her retirement, during the war she spied on Swizz banker Hans Steinmetz, a former lover who was a Nazi sympathizer, because the US Government wanted pictures of stolen artwork. The mission ended when Marble was shot in the back (she survived). She later became a fitness adviser to the US Government and had a big role in racial desegregation of ladies tennis in the US.


Unusual things Professional Players do for tennis.

In 1977 Gillermo Villas (pictured) gave up his relationship with Princess Stephanie of Monaco in an effort to become number one tennis player. Unfortunately for Villas the points rating system at the time was very spotty and it was not until 2015 that it was discovered he did indeed make it to number one...for a whole 3 days! For a short period former womens player Patty Schnieder had a diet that consisted mainly of orange juice. In her teens Simona Halep, had breast reduction surgery to improve her mobility. People do weird things to improve their game. Lets hope it was worth it!


Djokovics Dilemma.

If Djokovic wants to play the major tournaments and attain a 21st title, why doesn't he just go get the jab? With all tournaments, except the US Open ,requiring evidence of full vaccination he certainly will pay a huge price if he does not do so. However for Djokovic that's not so simple. Even compared to other professional players Djokovic works in a world of punishing intensity, in a constant pursuit of a 1% edge in athletic performance. He self punishes and practices to extremes, is lean to the point of attenuation and when he does yogic stretches for his hamstrings he is looking for flexibility far beyond the norms. He drinks only warm water, hangs upside down in the evenings for joint mobility , meditates in front of food to give it a good vibe, and eats gluten free, mostly fruits and vegetables and no dairy. Famously upon winning a grand slam he once celebrated by eating two squares of chocolate. (squares, not blocks!). When players take this extreme approach there is often a price to pay. Andre Agassi had extreme wrist tendonitis and sciatica, not to mention a short term pain killer addiction. Jimmy Connors had extreme back pain and bone spurs. Sometimes those extreme practices can be addictive and like most addictions this can come at a price of poor judgement. Nole is afraid of losing his edge and once players start beating him that he may not get it back. For some top players performance trumps everything. The irony is that his pursuit of performance in most cases is the very thing preventing him from actually playing.



Bright Tennis Club Committee 2021/2022

President: Tracy Carey

Treasurer: Jody Vlahandreas

Secretary : Adrian Ciolli

Vice President: Mick Crocker

Memberships: David Chlebna

Committee Members: Michelle Yarwood, Craig Thompson, Bruno Souza, Geoff Hollow, Dene Freeland

For more please download the PDF version here