Interview with Rob, performance tennis coach at the club

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What’s your name?

My name is Rob Trower


Where are you from?

Melbourne. I grew up living on Mornington Peninsula.


What are you doing at Aspendale Tennis Club?

I am the Performance tennis coach at the club. I have been working here since 2021, coaching all players from beginners to players on the Pro Circuit 


What are your other hobbies?

Playing with my two dogs Rex and Summer. I enjoy watching other sports with friends and most passionately going to watch Collingwood play every weekend during AFL season. 


Tell me your best tennis story.

I’ve been very fortunate with many incredible memories with playing and coaching. 

As a player in US college, my teammates gave me the nickname ‘ATP’ and put it as my name above my locker. The reason was I apparently knew everything about what was happening on the ATP tour and was constantly watching tennis all the time.

However my favorite tennis moments have been as a coach when parents have sent me messages thanking me that their child’s favorite part of their week is to see me in our lesson, or that I have brought back the joy of playing tennis again that they may have lost. Also that their child has improved, having success and enjoying the process.  


Who’s your favorite tennis player and why?

Federer is my favorite player ever, because he was so incredible with everything he does on court. His technique, footwork, serves, his variety and having no limitations was so incredible to watch. He changed the game from players either being an aggressive player or a counter puncher and blended both. With the ability to rally and finish points off quickly. 

Lleyton Hewitt was the reason I originally started tennis. He was winning grand slams when I was young and he motivated me to work hard and try my hardest when I played. He’s an inspiration for mental toughness on court and never say die attitude.


Why should I join Aspendale Tennis Club? 

Aspendale tennis club is an excellent venue, with two hard surface courts and four artificial clay courts. The club has an extremely friendly environment, great coaching and many opportunities to play with others.


Give me a secret tip to become a good tennis player.

Keep it simple. 

Lots of people try to overdo movement and throw their body all over the place trying to hit the ball hard. When the most efficient and consistent way is to do less.

Two simple things that make a significant difference is watching the ball (especially when ball comes to the racquet and holding head still through contact) and not moving your chest or leaning. This will put you in the strongest position with balance to strike the ball.