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Have you ever dreamed about being an important part of a grand slam event?!

Alice Springs Tennis Association is having an intake of new officials for the 2020 tennis season. We are looking for people to be lines people and chair umpires.

Its not a hard or as scary as it may seem. Anyone can learn how to be a lines person or a chair umpire. We can teach you from the very beginning.


Alice Springs has a rich history of sending officials to Grand slam event. In 2018 there were six Alice Springs lines people at Australian Open. In 2019 there was nine lines people at the Open.

It also gives you the opportunity to travel.

Locally there are three tournaments a year so there will be opportunities to practice but we wont need you every week.

No tennis background required!

If you are interested in taking part of this amazing opportunity,

Please give Gary Bigg a call on 0414 289 653