National Indigenous tennis Carnival

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Twenty of our young aspiring Indigenous athletes will be heading to Darwin to compete in the annual National Indigenous Tennis Carnival.

Our athletes will be competing against the rest of Australia’s best Indigenous players.

Keely Bishop will be headlining our impressive line up along side  Oscar Davis, Jacob Foster, Brianna George, Rhiannon George, Angas Haines, Jacoba Hatton, Jackson Jesser, Daniela Kennedy, Declan Dempsey, Riley Mallard, Latoya Miller, Liam Raga-judd, Jirrikai Riverain, Jocelyn Russ, Clancy St Clair, Henry Brown and Leylah Turner.


While our athletes will be competing hard on the court, while they are off court the carnival will turn into a cultural hub for participating players and locals hosting various artistic activities, ceremonies and performances that will take place alongside tennis programs.


This will be such a great experience for all our Indigenous athletes. Being able to have mentoring from the great Evonne Goolagong Cawley, being able to learn more about their culture and see traditional dance from the amazing Djuki Mala.