Adult Competitions and socials run all year round.  Junior Competitions run all year round and you can join in at anytime.

Monday Night Fast 4 Tennis (Sponsored by Creative Gifts)

All adults are welcome to come down to the tennis from 7:15pm Monday evenings. All sets are organised, and everyone gets to play at the level they are comfortable with:-

• If you don’t have a racquet, we can loan you one.

• If you don’t know anyone, we will introduce you to new people

• Everything is organised set up ready for you

• It doesn’t matter if you are a bit rusty

• Looking for a fun way to exercise

• If you have never played before you can easily get started with us.

Tuesday Night Singles Comp (Sponsored by Scope Building)

Sign in is at 7pm.  Play commences at 7:15pm sharp.  Each player will play one doubles then one Singles. Played in teams of two, you either bring a team mate or we can provide one for you. This competition caters for people with National Rankings through to a B grade level player. 

Thursday Night Social Mixed Comp (Sponsored by Gillen Club)

Social sign in is from 6:45pm and start time is 7:00pm.

The competition format is teams of 4 players, and each team mush have at least 1 male and 1 female. 

You can form your own team of four or we can place you into a team at your level.   

Friday Afternoon Junior Comp (Sponsored by Uncle Edy’s)

There are 3 sessions, 4:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  Sign in is at those times.  Junior athletes play both doubles and singles across the 2 hours.