Tennis Alice Springs runs weekly competitions, social events and also tournaments. We've got heaps of players - young & old and some have played a heap of tennis..and.. some who are just starting out.

I promise you, that whether you haven't played for a long long time, or not at all, we've got something you will enjoy!

If you've got national experience and play really well, we've also got players just like you.

MONDAYS  7:15 - 8:00 pm         (sponsored by Creative Gifts and Awards)

Organised Social Tennis - Doubles 

Teams of 2, but the majority of people dont have a team, and get placed into one with someone at their own level and age.

There are 2 levels of play, the first level is for those who have played before, the second level is perfect for those who have barely played in recent years, new to tennis, or are really rusty.

You play 2 sets of tennis      Cost : $8-50

TUESDAYS 7:15 - 9:15 pm        (sponsored by Scope Building)

Pennants Tennis - Singles and Doubles

Teams of 2 

There are 2 levels of play. The top level is full of players with loads of tournament experience and the organisers put the teams together depending on who is keen to play the season. The second level is pretty much for everyone else and caters for a wider range of player.

You play 2 sets of tennis - a doubles followed by a singles. Cost: $14.00

THURSDAYS 7:00 - 9:15 pm  (sponsored by the Gillen Club)

Social Mixed Competition - Doubles

Teams of 4 - any combination of men and women, or just men, or just women.

There are 2 levels of play. The top level is for those with quite a bit of tennis experience and competition play under their belt. The second level is open to absolutely all levels of play and is graded accordingly.

This night is mostly full of teams that are put together amongst their friends or at their workplace.

For those new to the club, the remainder of the teams are put together by the club and you can still choose who you want to play with. We put teams together with people your own age and level so that you can really enjoy the night

You play 3 sets of tennis. Cost: $14.00

FRIDAYS 4:00 - 6:00 pm and 6:15 - 8:30 pm   (sponsored by Bluedust NT)

Juniors  - Singles and Doubles 

Teams of 2

There are 11 graded  levels of play in this weekly 19/under competition, a huge junior event every Friday.

The more experienced and/or older players play from 6:15pm while the entry level divisions play from 4:00pm, and have umpires and helpers with rules and scoring.

You play a singles and a doubles game. Cost: $7.00

Get Started

We happily loan racquets

You can submit a team anytime, or join a team anytime by calling/text Matt on 0402 236 560.

You can also email on where you will receive a prompt reply.


It's worth adding "Tennis Alice Springs" on Facebook, so that you can keep updated with all the latest news, activities and special deals at the tennis club.