Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. If you are a member, is it free to use the courts during the day?

A1. Members are not required to pay for court usage during the day. However, non members playing with members are required to pay the current session fees at all times.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire a court?

A2. Please refer to the fees.

Q3. I have lost my drink bottle, or something else. Does WCTC have a lost property box?

A3. At the end of every month, lost property left in the clubhouse will be donated to the Salvation Army (hats, jumpers, etc) or placed in a recycling bin (drink bottles). Currently, items are stored in the clubhouse until collected. In many cases these items are never collected leaving the clubhouse untidy. Please remember to take all of your gear home with you!

Q4. Can I cancel my booking if it rains or there is some other relevant reason?

A4. Yes. More to come.

Q5. Can I reschedule my booking?

Q5. You can reschedule your booking without charge if the booking is changed at least 1 hour before your booking. As only the Club's administrators can reschedule bookings, please email the Club at with your request. The sooner you send this request to reschedule, the more time for the administrator to make this happen. 

More coming soon!


Last Updated 4 March 2020