Court Hire FAQs

Frequently Anticipated Questions


How do I make a booking from TTC’s website?

At the top RH corner you sign in to your account.  Click 'Court Hire' to view the Booking Sheet.

Click a booking slot (date / court / time).  Note the half-hour charge.  Extend the duration as needed.  [Members only: do ‘Add Player’ for each non-member guest (a fee is payable)].  Confirm and Pay by credit card.  You will receive an email and SMS of your booking details.


Why doesn't my booking PIN work?

1.  You might not have booked far enough ahead.  This is a common problem.

When you book online your booking information, including your PIN, needs to be sent from the booking software to the hardware (keypad) at the club. The PIN will not be effective until then. Typically that takes about 15 minutes but sometimes there is a delay.  Try to book more like an hour ahead to be safe.

2.  You might not really have a valid booking

To confirm that you really have a valid booking check that the booking is listed.  Follow the instructions under 'How do I check what bookings I have?'  (next).

How do I check what bookings I have?

On the website at the top RH corner sign in to your account.  Click 'Court Hire' to view the Booking Sheet.

Click VIEW MY BOOKINGS.  The left-hand tab lists BASIC BOOKINGS.  These are the bookings you have made yourself.  The right-hand tab lists ADVANCED BOOKINGS.  These are bookings TTC Admin has made on your behalf, for example ‘recurring’ bookings.


As a member why am I being quoted non-member rates?

Did you sign in?   If you have signed into your member BAC account but you are not being quoted member rates please contact us.

Many family memberships only register one member to do BAC bookings. If in a family membership you later decide you would like another family member to make bookings please have them register an account and then contact us to update its membership status.


How does the lighting work?

Court lighting is enabled by a light sensor.  The lights will work if:

1/ the sensor determines it's dark enough that lights are needed, AND ...

2/ your booking PIN is correct (when you enter it the keypad trim flashes green and it unlocks the gate for you), AND ...

3/ you have entered your booking PIN during the period of your booking (no earlier than 10 minutes before the booking start time), AND ...

4/ the lights have not been on and then turned off in the last 15 minutes.

Note that the lights are enabled by the light sensor irrespective of whether we have 'charged' for lights.  We charge for lights if dawn / dusk times indicate that lights will be needed for at least 15 minutes within any half-hour booking slot.  If it's dark enough the lights will be enabled even if we have not charged for them.


When will the lights turn off?

The lights will remain on until 15 minutes after your booking end time.  This is needed if there is an immediately-following booking.


Why didn't the lights turn on when it got dark?

The most likely explanation is that you didn't enter your booking PIN during your booking period.  The booking period starts 10 minutes before the booking start time.

This sometimes catches people out when they arrive and find the gate is unlocked.   Either they don't enter their PIN or they enter it too early (before the booking period has started).  Either way, the PIN has not been provided for the booking so the lights are not enabled. 

If this happens just enter your PIN and the lights will come on.


It was already dark when I entered my booking PIN.  Why didn't the lights turn on?

Assuming your booking PIN was correct, the most likely explanation is that the lights had been on for the preceding booking and had turned off in the last 15 minutes.  The lights need time to cool down before reignition can start them up again.

This problem should only happen if you don't enter your PIN earlier than 15 minutes into your booking.

To explain: the bulbs will only ignite (turn on) when cool.  It takes approximately 15 minutes for them to cool down after the previous usage.  The lights are programmed to stay on for 15 minutes beyond the booking end time to provide an overlap for successive bookings.  If you don't enter your PIN within that overlap then the lights will turn off and will need to cool before re-igniting.   They will come on after a delay.



Why did the lights go off  15 minutes into my booking?

Most likely you had not correctly entered your PIN in the booking period (starting 10 minutes before the booking start time).

If  the lights are still on from the previous booking  you might  start playing without realising that you had not correctly entered your booking PIN.  However the lights are only on as the trailing (overlap) 15 minutes from the previous booking.  Without your PIN to extend their operation they will then turn off.   When this happens you can still enter your booking PIN but you'll need to wait approx 15 minutes while the bulbs cool enough to re-ignite.


Can I turn the lights off if I leave early?

If your booking is a recurring booking (made by TTC Admin for you), the answer is no.  The lights will need to remain on.

If you made your booking online the answer is yes. Log in to BAC and cancel your booking.  This will turn off the lights approx 15 minutes later.  Do not do this within 20 minutes of the end of your booking: the lights might be needed on again immediately following your booking. 


Can I play under lights at 6am?

Yes. 6am bookings will typically need lights. The booking charge reflects this. The lights will come on because you have keyed in your PIN and the light sensor detects lights are needed.


Can I book two courts online?

Yes, but not in a single booking.  You would need two bookings and two payments.


How far in advance can I book online?

Members 14 days,  non-members 7 days.


Can I cancel a booking I made online?

Yes. Log back in to BAC, select MY BOOKINGS (top RHS), select the booking to cancel.  If done at least 2 hours before the booking start time, your credit card will be refunded in approx 2 business days.


What happens if there is a power loss?

A back-up battery covers outages up to 24 hours.  That supports communications and gate operation.


I’ve changed my email address. How do I update my BAC account?

Sign in to your account on the website, edit your profile and update the email address.  Save, logoff and sign in again to verify.  Any problems: contact Tennis Australia Support at


Who do I contact if there is a system technical problem?

Tennis Australia supports the Book-A-Court system. Call 1800 PLAY TENNIS (1800 752 983).
Monday – Friday: 8am till 6pm
Saturday: 10am till 4pm
Sunday: Closed


How will I recognise the charge or refund on my credit card statement?

It’s identified as Turner Tennis Club in both cases.