COVID-19 conditions of play

COVID-19 Information

If you feel sick, including mild cold and flu symptoms, please stay home

click here to watch a video from tennis legends Todd Woodbridge & John Fitzgerald, with some simple steps for healthy hitting during COVID!

• MANDATORY: Everyone entering the club facilities / grounds must use the QR code to check-in

• Social Singles and/or Doubles Play permitted regardless of household or vaccination status

• Competition has resumed

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General rules

- Everyone must scan the QR code at the entry gate to the venue to check in or text the names of all players to Michelle at 0432 998 020

- Bring your own hand sanitiser. Please wash/sterilise your hands immediately before and after you play

- Avoid touching your face while playing

- No handshakes or high fives, try tapping racquets instead

- No sharing of equipment or drink bottles

- Avoid touching any surfaces unnecessarily


Risk warning: You acknowledge that by using the tennis courts and playing tennis you will be exposed to certain risks, including the risk of physical injury. You may also be exposed to the possibility of contracting an illness, including without limitation the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus can spread very quickly and result in very serious medical complications in some people. You agree that the use of the tennis courts is entirely at your own risk. You have read and understood this risk warning and voluntarily accept and assume the inherent risks in use of the tennis courts and playing tennis.