Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will the PIN open the gate?

Answer: A player will receive a pin when completing their booking online. The pin will be valid from 10 minutes prior to the start of their booking time and expire 10 minutes after the end of their booking time. The pin will not open the gate outside of these times.

Question: My PIN is not working what do i do?

Answer: There are two likely reasons for this. 1. You have booked within the last 30mins and the booking hasnt processed. or 2. You have entered the PIN incorrectly.

Like all systems there are times when the system fails. If you believe this to be the case please contact Nathan on 0487 885 139

Question: Could a player get locked inside?

Answer: No. the gate can be opened from the inside at all times.

Question: When will the lights switch off?

Answer: The lights will turn off 15minutes after your booking period ends

Question: Do I keep my own pin?

Answer: Yes. Once you register on the Book A Court system, you will receive a unique 4-digit PIN that will not change. The PIN will be sent to you via email and text message every time you make a booking. The PIN will only be activated when you make a booking. It is your responsibility to not pass your unique PIN code on to others as this cannot be changed.

Question: How Secure are credit card payments? 

Answer: All payments are managed by Stripe, which is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.  Your payment details are not stored by the Dandenong Tennis Club, Tennis Australia or your computer/device. The "Remember me" option enables two-step verification of the payment information via an email address and phone number. However, the Stripe widget will keep you logged in by default for successive payments on the same computer/device. Bear this in mind if sharing your login with other family members.

Question: What if I need to cancel my booking or it is too wet to play?

Answer: You can cancel your booking using the online Book a Court system up to 3 hours in advance and receive an automatic refund. Just log into your account and select My Bookings to cancel the relevant booking. Refunds will not be provided after that time unless you were unable to play due to wet weather. If your booking is washed out you will need to contact the club within the next two days via arrange for a refund to be issued.

Question: What happens if I arrive at the club and someone is on my booked court?

Answer: Please politely ask the people on the court what time and court their booking is for. If it is for another court, please ask them to move onto their booked court. If their booked time has finished, please ask them politely to vacate the court. If you have a smartphone, you will be able to confirm your booking via the online system on your phone while on site at the club.

Question: I did't pay for lights, how do i turn them on?

Answer: No need, they’ll turn on for free if it gets dark enough. The system automatically monitors the light level and ensures you have enough light to play by – no excuses for dodgy line calls!

Lights are charged based on our best guess of when they will be required. We will make every effort to update the hours at which lights are charged, based on sunset and sunrise times throughout the year, but we can’t anticipate cloud cover. Ideally, you’ll get a little bit of free lighting when this happens. If we’ve miscalculated, and you pay for lights unnecessarily, just contact the system administrator  and we’ll reimburse you.

Question: Who do i contact for more information about court bookings?

Answer: Please contact our book a court administrator, Nathan, by phone (0487885139) or email (